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№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Accounting, analysis and audit in management of economic security expenditures Анотація   PDF
Vasyl Deriy, Inna Melnychuk
№ 2 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting and audit of electronic transactions in metaverses Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Muravskyi, Pavlo Denchuk, Oleh Reveha
№ 1 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting and control of auxiliary material resources in the management of financial security in construction Анотація   PDF
Vasyl Derii, Mariia Gumenna-Derii
№ 4 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting and control of foreign economic electronic transactions using cryptocurrencies Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Muravskyi, Nataliia Pochynok, Oleh Reveha, Liu Chengyu
№ 1 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting and control of indebtedness according to electronic payments of food industry enterprises using information and communication technologies Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Muravskyi, Nadiia Khoma, Roman Kalyn, Oleh Reveha
№ 3 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting and control of transport movement of materials and employees in smart construction Анотація   PDF
Nataliia Pochynok, Anton Lupiichuk
№ 3 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting and reporting on L-VPI, L-VN-CMA in construction: display standards, identification and organization issues Анотація   PDF
Vasyl Derii, Rostyslav Romaniv, Mariia Gumenna-Derii
№ 2 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting and taxing system in conditions of the state of war: how to act and what the consequences Анотація   PDF
Natalia Kostyshyn, Tatiana Yakovets
№ 1 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting as an element of practical economic theory Анотація   PDF
Hryhoriy Zhuravel, Mykola Shynkaryk, Sviatoslav Pytel
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Accounting as an information base for the social policy implementation in the company’s management Анотація   PDF
Iryna Ometsinska
№ 1 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting, control and analysis of costs and provision of material and technical resources of enterprises in future periods Анотація   PDF
Mariia Gumenna-Derii, Yevheniia Shara, Tatiana Sliesar
№ 1(95) (2020): Herald of TNEU Accounting for sales activities in the context of the separation of logistics and marketing processes Анотація   PDF
Anna Hrytsyshyn
№ 2 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting in a smart city with the combined use of the Internet of Things and geographic information systems Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Muravskyi, Oleksandr Kundeus, Anna Hrytsyshyn, Ruslana Lutsiv
№ 1(87) (2018): Herald of TNEU Accounting in Ukraine: implementation of the European Union directives Анотація   PDF
Kostiantyn Bezverkhyi
№ 1 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting of agricultural using individual electronic cadastral maps Анотація   PDF
Dmytro Minaiev, Yuriy Radelytskyy
№ 2 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting of passenger transportation in the conditions of automated passenger flow management Анотація   PDF
Zenovii-Mykhailo Zadorozhnyi, Iryna Kornyat
№ 2 (2023): Herald of Economics Accounting paradigm in application conditions of electronic information technologies Анотація   PDF
Iryna Nazarova
№ 4 (2021): Herald of Economics Accounting substantiation of expenditure of optimization of business processes in it-industry enterprises Анотація   PDF
Vita Semaniuk, Andriy Papinko
№ 3 (2022): Herald of Economics Accounting, taxation and control of the activities of economic entities in the conditions of crisis phenomena Анотація   PDF
Vasyl Derii, Volodymyr Muravskyi, Nataliia Pochynok, Svitlana Sysiuk, Nataliia Zarudna
№ 1(99) (2021): Herald of Economics Accumulative pension system in Ukraine: theoretical and applied discourse Анотація   PDF
Lyudmyla Alekseyenko
№ 4(90) (2018): Herald of TNEU A conceptual framework for development of Ukraine’s green stock market Анотація   PDF
Tetiana Pimonenko
№ 1(87) (2018): Herald of TNEU A conceptual model of the subject area of alter-globalization Анотація   PDF
Roman Zvarych
№ 4(94) (2019): Herald of TNEU Agency problem in management as a challenge for the corporation accounting system Анотація   PDF
Vasyl Tsaruk
№ 3 (2022): Herald of Economics Analysis of budget spending on social protection: challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic Анотація   PDF
Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Andrii Kozar
№ 3(89) (2018): Herald of TNEU Analysis of dissertations addressing issues of accounting, analysis, and audit of intangible assets in Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Valentyna Yasyshena
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