Assessment and documenting of the war consequences at the enterprise: analysis of the accountant’s professional potential


  • Serhii Ostapchuk National Scientific Centre «Institute of Agrarian Economics»
  • Nataliia Tsaruk Separated Unit of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine «Nizhyn agrotechnical institute»



direct losses, property valuation, professional accountant, independent appraiser, forensic expert, methodical provision of damage assessment, accounting approach


Introduction. As a result of the full-scale war, many enterprises, particularly agricultural ones, suffered direct losses: the capture and destruction of production facilities and real estate objects, the theft of equipment, vehicles, stocks and raw materials. The Ukrainian «peace formula» envisages the creation of an international mechanism to compensate for all the damages caused by the war at the expense of Russian assets. The first step in this direction is assessing and recording the damage caused at the enterprise level.

Purpose. The article aims to analyze the professional potential of the accountant to confirm his functional ability to timely and fully assess and document the consequences of the war (direct losses) at the agricultural enterprise.

Methods. The research is based on a comparative analysis of the components (education, practical experience, size of the professional community, methodical support) of the potential of specialists whose functional duties include property valuation of legal entities. The authors use comparison, analogy, induction and deduction, abstraction, graphical, and tabular methods to prove the research hypothesis. Separate data for the study were collected by the survey method and submission of requests for obtaining public information.

Conclusions. The regulatory, organizational, and methodical principles of assessing direct losses of an agricultural enterprise caused by the war were revealed. The size of the professional community of independent evaluators and forensic experts was estimated. The idea of implementing an accounting approach to assessing the direct losses of agricultural enterprises was presented. The results of the study show that the potential of the accountant’s education and practical experience and the scale of the professional accounting movement allows us to state that temporary changes to the legislation on granting a professional accountant the right to assess direct losses caused to an agricultural enterprise in connection with the armed aggression of the Russian Federation will be appropriate. The advantages of implementing an accounting approach are apparent: mass application, short deadlines, and minimal costs.

Discussion. Expanding the functions of a professional accountant of an agricultural enterprise in martial law conditions can be extended to other branches of the economy, and the development of methodical support for implementing such functions is the object of new scientific research.

Author Biographies

  • Serhii Ostapchuk, National Scientific Centre «Institute of Agrarian Economics»
    Ph.D. (Economics), Senior Research Fellow of the Accounting and Taxation Department
  • Nataliia Tsaruk, Separated Unit of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine «Nizhyn agrotechnical institute»
    Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Accounting and Taxation Department


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